Investment Company United Financial Group is a trust management of Investment capital, as well as the formation and management of assets included in the company’s investment portfolio.

The company’s investment portfolio includes the most promising industries and technologies, such as safe medicine, energy and IT-developments in the field of blockchain technologies.

A little history of the company’s development:

The company was incorporated in September 2019 and it is over one year old at the time of this article. However, already in this short period, a lot of of work has been already done, and the company has established itself as a reliable partner and fulfills all the declared obligations to investors.

In the spring of 2020 within the framework of the company closed tests of its own product and balsam RUSICH were carried out which showed not only good results, but even great ones! The test participants received a huge number of positive reviews, as well as video reviews to watch.

Already in June the first batch of the product was released for sale and now we are at the stage of launching an automatic line of the production of balsam “RUSICH”. You can find out more about the product on the website ufgshop.ru

The company is constantly engaged in the selection of new technologies for launching into production and introducing into the market in order to expand the investment portfolio.

The main selection criteria were as follows:

Know-how — the technology must be revolutionary, not just an improved model of other technologies.

Demand — technology and products based on it should be in demand not only in some narrow circle, but also throughout the world as a whole.

Market volume — this point follows from the previous one: the sales volumes of products should be from a billion dollars or more, in our case this figure may be multiple times higher.

The degree of readiness is also one of the important points, since it affects the speed of product introduction into production.

Now we are ready to present you a new technology with a large number of developments based on it, which are included in the investment portfolio of UFG and all the company’s investors. On November 12, 2020, we have signed a preliminary cooperation agreement, and the parties have already come to an agreement on joint work. The main contract will be concluded in the near future.

Our partner is Vortex-Oscillatory Technologies LLC and its General Director, Candidate of Technical Sciences, member of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) Evgeny Dmitrievich Sorokodum.

As it is already clear from the company’s name, Evgeny Dmitrievich works closely in the direction of vortex-oscillatory technologies. This direction can solve a number of global problems.

Now a crisis is developing in the world, both in the energy sector and in transport; in addition, 40% of the world’s population suffers from a lack of fresh water. They are trying to solve these problems by improving the current technologies, but this does not give a serious improvement in parameters, only by a few percent, no more.

The main reason is that for over 100 years, designers have been using developments of the last century based on stationary mechanics; and to improve performance, a transition to oscillatory mechanics is required.

A technique based on vibrational mechanics will be many times more efficient than the existing one and much cleaner ecologically.

The Vortex-Oscillatory Technologies Company, headed by the chief designer and developer, has been conducting research in this direction for more than 40 years! Hundreds of experiments have been carried out and many successful results have been obtained, and that can be used in the development of effective and modern technology today.

This technology has a very wide range of applications in industry, transport, energy and is innovative in terms of physical processes and the possibilities that open up during their application.

The main directions based on vortex-vibrational technologies:

Vortex-oscillating and hydroelectric power plants

Water generation

Air and sea transport

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Extinguishing fires

Recycling of household waste

Oil industry and that’s not all

From the point of view of market demand, let us analyze the technologies using the example of aircraft, which in the near future will begin to replace cars. The largest corporations in the world are now working on the creation of private aircraft:

Porsche and Boeing partner in premium urban air mobility market source.

Audi, Airbus and Italdesign test flying taxi concept source

This market is still completely free, since there are still no solutions to make a flying car relatively affordable, as well as safe from the point of view of operation within the city.

The size of the aircraft market can be compared to the size of the car market, and it is more than 90 million vehicles, or more than $ 900,000,000,000 (billion).

Thanks to developments in the field of vortex dynamics, our company has the opportunity to enter this market with a fundamentally new type of vehicle, built based on new technologies.

UFG business-model

Selection of promising developments in various fields:

Now we have three areas — medicine, the IT-sector, new technologies in the energy sector.

Positive decision was taken on financing of developments:

Launch of the production of balsam “RUSICH” — product information

IT-development — Yllo blockchaine one download app for Apple

New technologies in industry and power engineering Vortex-Oscillatory Technologies LLC (VKT) — information on developments.

Launching production and reaching profit from sales:

Balsam “RUSICH” — sales began in July 2020, and February 2021 — payment of the first dividends from the sale of the balm.

Yllo blockchaine one — in 2021, it is planned to launch the Android version of the application, the introduction of general chats, audio- and videocalls, the integration of BTC and ETH into the application and the listing of the XLT coin on the exchange.

Joint development with VKT: November 2020 — the beginning of financing, August 2021 — the first prototypes of developments and the results of a number of important studies, December 2021 — preparation for the launch of the production of a vortex generator and an extractor of moisture from the atmosphere.

We are also constantly studying the market for new interesting and promising developments.

All investors in United Financial Group become co-owners of all business-projects of the company, and profits from all areas will be distributed as dividends to the shareholders of UFG.

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