Unreal Racing 2035


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3 min readOct 24, 2022

Unreal Racing 2035 is a play-to-earn game built on Yllo Labs’ Blockchain.

Details: https://unrealracing.co/assets/docs/review/ru/
Game idea: https://unrealracing.co/assets/docs/lore/en/


The Yllo team has extensive experience in game development; the team have previously worked on game development in the mail.ru group.
One of the similar projects is the game Tunerlife https://vk.com/games/tunerlife
Audience — almost 6 million users on the VK site along

Unreal Racing 2035
Since the videogame industry has changed a lot, games of the play-to-earn category are making the trend. In this type of games the player not just plays, but also has the opportunity to earn real money (fiat)

Direction prospects:
Open article

The offer is available on the UFG site only:

As an investor of Yllo Labs, United Financial Group has received this exclusive
Now the first investment round is being held with the most advantageous offer for the private investor.

Allocated for the investment round: game tokens of the URX company and investment shares in the project.

Game tokens will not be allocated for the second investment round. It will be impossible to buy investment tokens after the round is closed.


In total, 460 investment shares are for sale in the first round
(symbol UR)
Price of one UR $500
1UR contains:
6000 game tokens URX (erc20)
Share of project profit
Profit distribution:
22% of profits are paid out to holders of investment shares in UR Distributed in equal parts per 460 UR

The current price of the URX game token is $18 open

This is a quick turnover investment!
The game will launch in the spring of 2023

The first profit will be already in 2023

Dividends will accrued constantly, in real time, from the moment the game will be launched and all in-game transactions are begin.

Affiliate program:
For each partner with an investment, 1000 URX game tokens will be credited, regardless of the purchase amount.

Project profit of the project:

Planned profit from $100,000 per month or more (depends on the speed of development and the scale of the project)


Risks: any investor is always interested in this question, and that is so right! In this case, the risks are as follows: the project may not take place in case of a nuclear war break out, an attack by aliens, or computer games will be banned. There are no other risks, as the development is ongoing and will continue, regardless of the situation. Moreover, if the necessary funds are available, it will simply accelerate the development, and earlier implementation of the project will become possible.

Project site:

On October 27th there will be an online meeting with the developers

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